At M-Four we have spent the past five years developing our asset management consultancy services. We have surveyed over 20,000 properties across Scotland, ensuring our clients can develop informed repair and maintenance programmes to improve their housing stock. 

Our non-intrusive surveys cause no property damage, while allowing us to report on a wide range of components lifecycles and property condition attributes, including: windows, kitchen and bathroom replacement, upgrading fire/smoke/heat detection, heating upgrades and servicing requirements, mechanical ventilation, electrical rewiring, security, electrical testing and general repairs.   

We believe that it is important for our clients to have all of the data they need to make knowledgeable decisions about their properties, and the future management of their assets. Our expert team puts the power back into our clients’ hands, allowing them to easily develop programmes and budgets for maintenance. 

We produce detailed reports, uniquely created for each client, which includes accurately analysed data presented in a user-friendly format.

Asset Management Consultancy Services

Through years of managing all aspects of design and build contracts, we have a team of qualified professionals with the skillset to carry out groundwork as part of pre-construction. Consisting of GIS surveys, thermal imaging, and environmental monitoring, we have a full complement of skilled staff and equipment to carry out all aspects of pre-construction as well as project mobilization. 

We utilize IoT across all aspects of our business in order to streamline processes and deliver the best possible service to our clients. Using our bespoke Chameleon software, our pioneering team of data scientists and software developers have engineered a discreet air monitoring device fitted within tenants’ homes. The sensor detects moisture in the air, comparing it against safe moisture levels to flag the risk of black mould in properties. In addition, it monitors the consistency of the property’s temperature; inconsistencies can point towards poorly insulated properties or issues such as broken windows where heat may be escaping. Using a LoRaWAN Network gateway, this data can be fed back to the Housing Association/Social Landlord for immediate actioning.  

As a dynamic consultancy business, we have carried out stock condition surveys on social housing units across Scotland for many years. We have a proven track record of delivering comprehensive surveys with areas of improvement outlined far beyond the minimum requirements; we are passionate about using the latest developments in Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing (EESSH) to highlight areas for improvement in social housing stock. In addition, we prioritise action for any non-compliant areas of the survey and work closely with housing associations and local authorities to create tailored solutions.

As part of our data analytics service, we also offer lifetime investment planning for our clients, including investment planning reports to owners within mixed stock to ensure compliance with the Factoring Act 2011. M-Four remains focused on the concept of taking a ‘holistic’ approach which aligns service planning, business planning and investment planning to assess asset performance. Ultimately, our aim is to deliver improved functionality of tenants’ properties and cost efficiency through streamlined investment and planning.

In tandem with our software development and surveying expertise, we can collaborate with the client to drive data analytics and achieve their goals in an efficient way. Through a combination of ongoing survey programmes throughout the project and continual updating of data sets, M-Four is able to maximise the efficacy of project deliverables. For example, analysis of property data will highlight potential challenges, ensuring an intelligent asset management strategy which improves returns on investment. Furthermore, the client will be able to clearly understand the benefit of investment on future rental streams/social outcomes.

When utilising this essential software in a project, we adopt an Agile development solution for our clients. This allows us to remain attuned to the ever-changing functional and technical landscape, which in turn enables us to maintain rapid delivery of client goals. As a result, we are able to deliver greater business value as well as reduce the risks and costs associated with software development of this nature. Through a process of continuous planning and feedback, M-Four will deliver the utmost value throughout the development process.

We pride ourselves on providing the utmost levels of customer care, whoever our clients. While using any of our services, not only do we provide dedicated members of our expert team to handle all aspects of account management, we also back this up with training and support depending on the service you require. We are committed to taking the stress out of your asset management needs, simply navigate to the ‘Contact Us’ tab of the website for more information.

Our Success Stories 

One of our recent projects included work with our client, North Glasgow Homes, who we have completed several projects for over the past few years. 

The client appointed M-Four to conduct a comprehensive survey of 3800 units which they had recently acquired in the Glasgow area from various housing associations. 

By surveying the units, we were able to develop a longer-term strategy for keeping stock in good, lettable condition for the future.  

In order to create a strategy, two phases of surveys were carried out across the units, allowing us to develop an analytics platform for interrogating the data sets, and providing a comprehensive report to North Glasgow Homes on the outcomes of all surveys. All properties were expertly assessed against the Scottish Housing Quality Standard (SHQS) and Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing (EESSH), ensuring that safety and wellbeing of future tenants was at the forefront of our work.

From creating the data sets, we were then able to assist North Glasgow Homes in submitting funding applications towards Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing and energy saving measures.

We were thrilled when the applications were successful in securing £5,500,000 of funding, allowing further energy saving measures to be put into place in the clients’ units and further contributing to our ‘crazy’ goal of reducing fuel poverty across Scotland. 

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Bringing change to social housing in Scotland