COP27 is taking place in Egypt this month, and energy efficiency is rightly high on the agenda, with Energy Day taking place on November 15th.

The Energy Trilemma Index is set to be a major point of discussion, as it gives an ongoing record of how successfully nations are transitioning to sustainable energy policies, but also helps countries focus on striking a balance between the three pillars of the trilemma: energy security, energy equity, and environmental sustainability.

Due to its global nature, COP27 is an event for agreeing high-level targets and finding consensus between nations. So, how do organisations operating at a more local level, such as social landlords, find actionable ways to tackle what can feel like overwhelming, unobtainable goals?

Energy efficient homes

Local authorities and housing associations now have their own sustainability targets to meet, and are beginning to invest heavily in large-scale change programmes which impact tenants right across regions.

The impact of more efficient homes shouldn’t be underestimated, nor can we be complacent about energy equity when it comes to social housing tenants; it’s estimated that if homes were insulated and draft proofed, energy bills could be cut by around 42%, meaning that far fewer families would accrue debt simply to heat their homes, have access to hot water, or cook family meals.

At M-Four, our overall goal is to eliminate fuel poverty, save lives and improve the health & wellbeing of social housing tenants in Scotland. We do that by consulting with local authorities and housing associations, and championing solutions designed to deliver energy efficient homes.

Scotland most certainly has work to do in each area of the energy trilemma. The National Grid ESO Winter Outlook reports that potential gas shortages across Europe may result in ‘tight periods’ and increase prices, this in turn curtails energy equity by pricing those already in fuel poverty out of worry-free energy usage.

Local authorities must tackle these issues – with urgency – by focusing on environmental sustainability in the housing sector. Renewable technologies are becoming ever more vital for tenant safety and quality of life. If you want to know more about how we can support you in creating energy efficient policies and processes across your housing stock contact us today.