At M-Four, we are proud to be included in several frameworks pertaining to asset management, fire safety and energy efficiency works.

We have worked with Procurement for Housing for a number of years on a consultancy basis, ensuring our strong relationship building enables us to deliver the highest standard of service as per PfH requirements.   

Our range of services facilitates the streamlining of our clients’ asset management requirements. Through M-Four’s expert team and wide-ranging skillset, we are able to offer a diverse range of solutions for both Housing Authorities and Registered Social Landlords: 

  • Fusion21 – Building Safety Framework
    • Fire Safety Surveying
    • Engineering & Consultancy
    • Fire Risk Assessments
    • Fire Safety Inspections
  • Scotland Excel – Enery Efficiency Contractors Framework
    • Energy Efficiency Designer
    • Energy Efficiency Coordinator
    • Energy Efficiency Assessor
    • Managing Agent

Working with M-Four 

Take a look at our Case Studies to view the wide range of work that we do and get in touch to see how M-Four can help your business today.