In December 2021, M-Four were appointed by  Loreburn Housing Association (LHA) to carry out stock condition surveys over the next 5 years, as well as form their asset investment programme for the next 30 years.

Based in Dumfries and Galloway, LHA have a housing stock of around 2,400 units. In collaboration with M-Four, approximately 500 stock condition surveys will be completed each year, ensuring that LHA meet their yearly stock condition survey quota of 20%, as specified by the Scottish Housing Regulator

Stock Condition Surveys

The stock condition surveys will assess the external and internal condition of LHA’s housing portfolio, including elements such as external walls, roofs, guttering, rainwater goods, electrical systems, heating, bathrooms, kitchens and then make an overall assessment of compliance with the Scottish Housing Quality Standard (SHQS).

30-year Asset Management Plan

Utilising our in-house Chameleon software to collect up-to-date data, the information gathered from the stock condition surveys will be utilised by M-Four to develop a Board-ready 30-year asset management plan for LHA. This asset management plan can be directly uploaded into LHA’s own housing and asset management systems for their use.

By demonstrating that they are actively assessing their stock and planning for future investment, LHA will ensure they are meeting the requirements of both the Annual Return Charter (ARC) as well as the moral obligations to their customers.

Head of Asset Management at Loreburn HA, Stuart MacKay says:

“We have recently started working with M-Four to carry out stock condition surveys. Since starting the project M-Four have shown great professionalism and value throughout the process.  Their input has help build an understanding of the condition of our stock portfolio to help shape our future investment plans”

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