As we continue with Business Safety Week as organised by the National Fire Chiefs Council, the collective aim is to raise awareness with SMEs of their fire safety responsibilities in the workplace. M-Four are regularly contracted to carry out comprehensive Fire Risk Assessments for business premises, which are followed up by a thorough report for the client.  

Fire Risk Assessments – A Case Study 

For one client, we carried out a non-destructive assessment of the common areas of a full building, which included the inspection of two floors and two stairways, which was an internal area of over 212 meters squared.  

Our fully certified in-house Fire Risk Assessor completed the inspection which involved: 

  • Identifying any fire related hazards 
  • Reducing the risk of identified hazards for causing harm to as low as reasonably practicable 
  • Ascertaining the physical fire precautions and management policies required to ensure the safety of people on the premises, in the event of a fire. 

Following the inspection, our Fire Risk Assessor concluded the likelihood of fire was low and the client was fully compliant with the current fire safety legislation. 

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