In 2022, we were appointed by Dundee City Council to undertake a full inspection of their refuse chutes located in a multi-storey residential block. The overall goal was to assess the building’s compliance with the  Fire Scotland Act 2005 and provide a risk rating and recommendations for the client to work on going forward. 

As part of M-Four’s fire safety offering, we are committed to ensuring that buildings in Scotland are safe for all residents. On this project, the work was carried out by our specialist in-house fire team, who are committed to using their skills to deliver a quality service to our clients every time.  

Refuse Chute Condition Surveys 

In general, refuse chutes installed in buildings require special attention, due to the extreme wear and tear they are subjected to daily. Therefore, to ensure that refuse chutes conform to British Standards and Building Regulations, we were required to conduct a fire risk assessment of the refuse chute and a condition assessment of refuse chute components. The scope of the survey was to provide the client with photographic and written evidence, along with a full compliance report and costed action plan. 

When surveying the building, our fire safety experts inspected all elements of the chute system installed, as well as the building where the chute was located. The primary aim of the inspection was to evaluate if the chute poses any risks to the building’s tenants, staff or the wider public.  

On this Dundee City Council project, our team inspected the following areas: 

  • All-access Bin Chute Hopper Doors to ensure they are in good working order 
  • All Bin Chute smoke seals to ensure they are compliant and intact
  • Inspect, and test the Refuse Chute fire plate/damper and fusible link
  • Bin Chute for damage, penetrations or snagging
  • The Bin Room to ensure it is clear and safe from potential arson
  • Full Refuse Chute Risk Assessment which includes Bin Room analysis and Fire Risk Assessment recommendations. 

 The refuse chute inspection was carried out using a high-quality videography system as well as tracking all work on our inspection survey app. We then created a fire safety report for the client, detailing the work carried out, the state of the refuse chute and our recommendations for any work to be carried out going forward. 

In May 2022, our team completed the project, handing over the finalised report to the client, which will allow them to take the next steps and carry out any required work on the building. 

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