At M-Four, we have experience in carrying out technical feasibility studies for a wide range of clients across Scotland, creating proposals which allow our clients to make informed decisions about the future of energy conservation measures within their buildings.

This includes communal and district heating solutions, employing a wide-range of technologies. 

Our proactive approach and attention to detail allows us to provide the best possible solutions for our clients’ buildings.

This is achieved through the analysis of our property data and through presentation of the information in a way which is beneficial to our client, to allow board and committee approval.

Our aim is to consistently support our wider goal of eradicating fuel poverty and reducing energy inequality, and it is our belief that our technical consultancy works can contribute towards a better future for our country and those most in need. 

Technical Service Consultancy

Our Success Stories 

We carried out a project on behalf of River Clyde Homes to conduct a feasibility study in Greenock into the possibility of installing biomass cabins at eight sheltered housing complexes. The client requested a survey of the current gas-fired boiler system, to find out if the system had passed its operational life expectancy.  

Feasibility studies were then conducted by our consultants, who identified matters relating to CAPEX costs, lifecycle replacement costs, annual operation costs and energy efficiency and funding opportunities. A report was produced, summarising the findings and advising the client that it would be viable to install biomass cabins to seven of the sites in Greenock, and that the remaining complex would be more suitable for a new energy efficiency gas fired boiler. 

River Clyde Homes adopted the recommendations made by our consultants’ report, and had all works completed by 2019. The new biomass boilers will reduce running costs for the residents, and further contributes towards our overall goal of improving the financial and physical wellbeing of social housing tenants in Scotland. 

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