In summer 2022, M-Four were contracted by Trust Housing Association to carry out Fire Safety Risk Assessment and consultancy services for their housing stock, through the PfH  framework.

Trust Housing Association is a registered social landlord and one of the largest housing, support and care  providers in Scotland. Established in 1973, Trust HA has grown to now support over 3600  homes across the country, with one of their primary focuses now being on offering housing  for older people, as they make a positive difference in the lives of the communities they  serve.

Delivering Fire Safety Services

By engaging the works of our highly skilled fire risk assessors, we will work alongside our client for the next two years to produce type 1 Fire Risk Assessments (FRAs) and associated consultancy services for approximately eighty existing specialised housing complexes. These properties include a range of types, such as sheltered & semi-sheltered accommodation; implementing fire safety strategies and conducting FRAs for this clients’  buildings is extremely important, as the majority of the properties are for the elderly, who would be at a higher risk of danger in a fire.

During each building survey, the assessors will conduct an inspection of common part passive fire protection throughout the buildings. Following the completion of the FRA reports, our team will provide Trust HA with a budgeted cost report for the fire safety works that are identified in the FRA action plans.

In order to support the continued implementation of fire safety practices for the residents in Trust HA properties, M-Four will provide ongoing fire safety consultancy services following the completion of the initial FRA reports, which will allow for annual reviews of FRAs. This consultancy service will allow our client to create work packages and bring their building to the best fire safety standard, using the advice and services of our expert team.

Want to know more? 

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