WHY M-Four?

M-Four is a forward-thinking business, focused on driving change and bringing excellence to the sector. We implement practical, progressive solutions with expertise and enthusiasm, whilst remaining truly devoted to our overarching goal: to look after our planet and the people living on it.

Our business’ name encapsulates everything we strive to be as a company; people who steward the earths’ resources responsibly, bringing about change for the 594,000 people living in social housing properties in Scotland. This is achieved by bringing together our wide range of consultancy services, which improve energy efficiency and improve fire safety. 

Creating the desire for change with us in every project, we will consistently develop solutions which are practical and efficient for our clients, without compromising the resources needed for future generations to meet their needs.  

Our logo, and model for change, is built around the four Ancient Greek elements of matter: earth, wind, fire and water. We bring together these four elements of harmony throughout our business practices. 

M-Four elements of our logo

We achieve this by…

  • Ensuring clean air and wind
  • Harnessing the power of water
  • Protecting the earth from harm
  • Providing and implementing fire safety solutions


Working with M-Four 

Take a look at our Case Studies to view the wide range of work that we do and get in touch to see how M-Four can help your business today.